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Guest Review: Taco Bell Quesarito

Guest food blog by Sarah P.

For a fast food chain, you really ought to give Taco Bell more credit than their peers as they continuously introduce new (delicious) items to their menu. Don’t forget about their Doritos Locos Taco, the Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes, and Cinnamon Twists – just to name a few. But now, I think they have outdone themselves, introducing, the perfectly named quesarito which will cost you under three bucks if you go for the most expensive steak option.

A hungover coworker and myself made the ten block walk to the nearest Taco Bell to try their latest creation and we left will full bellies and pretty full wallets. The quesarito comes very warm and is a delicious meal to unwrap. The seasoned rice didn’t stand out, but the chipotle/sour cream/cheese sauce combo really made for a mouth-wateringly good bite, each and every time in my beef quesarito.

If you’re counting calories, I suggest you save 620+ for a quesarito, or, alternatively just eat two and call it a day (but skip your weight watchers meeting).

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Sarah is a freelance food blogger who loves dining out. Her favorite flavors include pizza and mexican but does not like fruit. She can be reached at @littleptown on twitter.

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